A New Day Dawns

Posted March 7, 2021 by Fae Serena in Self-Care Affirmation / 0 Comments

It’s a little before 6:30 a.m. here, dawn is breaking on the horizon.  I can see its beautiful hues from the sliding glass door on my patio. it’s just one reason why I chose this room for my own.

A new day with new possibilities, and old responsibilities.  And, at this moment, I can embrace each for its own worth.

Day One

It’s been said, by those that claim to know such things, that it takes a certain number of days to form new habits.  While there may be science behind that claim, I believe that it is a person’s motivation for change that truly drives the learning of a new habit.  After all, something only becomes a habit by doing the same thing over and over until it becomes a natural part of living.

Yesterday I reclaimed my own well-being, my own attention on my personal self-care.  So, today is Day One of that new journey.  I’ve managed to go for about 17 hours without once letting the “I can’t _____ ” (fill in the blank with negative thoughts) steal my good mood from me.  Will every day be so successful?  Of course not, but I can celebrate those 17 hours as a good start.

I believe that at some point we go beyond the need to survive the day and move into wanting to enjoy the day, no matter what happens in those 24 hours.  That is part of the striking “I can’t” from my habit list.  When one believes, truly at their core believes that their worth is somewhere near the mud at the bottom of a pond… well, the only logical thing to do for survival is to swim toward the surface and wash that mud off.  That is truly what my desire to strike “I can’t” from my vocabulary rises from.  I’m tired of feeling like the nasty bottom of a pond, I’d much rather be that waterlily that graces the surface of the pond with beauty knowing its roots are grounded in the mud for its life.  There is a difference, and I challenge you to really see what that is in your own life. (I challenge myself to remember this analogy every single day as well)

I’ll be back tonight with an update.  For now, I’m about to go enjoy this cold, crisp, beautiful day – I wish the same for you.

Posted March 7, 2021 by Fae Serena in Self-Care Affirmation / 0 Comments


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