Taking The Time to Love Yourself

Posted August 22, 2021 by Fae Serena in Self-Care Affirmation / 0 Comments

Making a major move such as buying my first home, as we recently did, was perhaps one of the most freeing moments of my life, thus far at least.

Amidst all the unpacked boxes, the general chaos I’ve discovered something about myself.

I haven’t taken the time or the attention to really take care of, even show love to myself.  Oh, sure, there have been moments but I’ve let the harshness, the reality, and the disappointments of life steal that away from me so often that it’s almost become a habit now.  One I intend to break free of.

I’m finding that as I’m unpacking I’m wanting to simply throw away whatever is in most boxes and begin anew without the memories attached to certain “things”.  I would never call myself a minimalist (I’ve always been more of a hoarder) yet I find myself wanting to surround myself, my home with items that reflect who I am today… not yesterday.  It’s not that I want fewer things, but that I want whatever I surround myself with to show that I care about my own well-being.  That I fill bookcases because I love getting lost in other worlds.  That my fascination with plants has finally been given permission to “bloom” into taking chances with plants I’d never tried to grow before.  That should I want a beautiful dragon or white tiger statue nestled in among the plants on their shelves… well, why not?  It’s my plant shelf to love as I see fit.

Freedom comes in so many ways – sometimes freedom from who you were and acceptance of who you are now is the best way to celebrate personal freedoms.

Posted August 22, 2021 by Fae Serena in Self-Care Affirmation / 0 Comments


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